SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

Sybase ASE 15.5 is introduced with several new features and highlighted by the highly anticipated improvements to the features that were introduced in preceding Sybase releases; it is the most exciting feature in in-memory database. And, those looking to build Informatica IDQ Careers certainly require good knowledge of in-memory databases.

Performance with New Databases and Durability Levels

The other new feature in the list is the in-memory database that is used when you need more persistence within IMDB’s ASE’s memory. The database is based on disk and not limited by the memory size.

To understand Sybase’s adaptation completely, you need to know about the new durability impact levels that can be set for database individually. All these durability levels make Relaxed Durability databases possible. With new options, performance gain goes beyond in-memory databases.

Value of IMDB Solution

IMDB bypasses disk writing requirement and also improves the speed. It is designed for good volume transaction systems such as e-commerce shopping carts. IMDB is unbeatable, when it comes to writing transaction data. It is essentially different from the traditional database engines. Data caching will certainly improve the read performance, but it does nothing to improve the writing performance.

The technology that runs the complete database in memory includes transaction writes, and it also bypasses hardware architecture constraints. It takes complete advantage over the hardware configuration performing parts like physical RAM and CPU. Fundamentally, IMDB cuts the weak links in chain when you speak with respect to performance as well as physical disk I/O.

Sybase has introduced three durability database levels. These levels indicate database ability in retaining the state after getting shut-down.


It is the standard durability level that reflects ACID recovery model. It is default durability level selected at the time of database creation.


It does exactly what it tells. You don’t see any recovery in essence, and no data will be saved. It also applies at the time of crash or during regular shutdown.

To mitigate loss of data and DDL, IMDB is created on the template database. It contains everything that IMDB needs: stored procedures, DDL, triggers, and data. This also creates a clean IMDB at the time of system start.


This reflects the Relaxed Durability Level database. It doesn’t protect DDL and data at the time of system crash or any other unfriendly shutdown. It also preserves data and DDL at the time of regular shutdown.

Sybase ASE 15.5 IMDB vs. its Competitors

Sybase manages analyzing the market, analyzing the competition, and learning more from the experiences in the way. There are not many IMDB systems on hand. Times ten is one of the greatest running IMDB systems and is a part of Oracle. However, Times ten is also labelled as IMBD system.

MS SQL Server doesn’t offer any IMDB engine. This will be the most probable modification in the coming days.

Database recovery option from SQL server is pretty much similar to that of Sybase ASE 15.5- at_shutdown.

Other major advantages related to Sybase’s IMDB are that you can apply the normal dump and you will be allowed to load database commands. You can only see these features in Sybase.


IMDB is questionably the new leading edge of database architecture, and it satisfies “Need for Speed” demand.

For most of the years, database is one of the safest storage places due to rigid ACID fulfilment. And, if you’re Informatica IDQ developer or analyst, then you ought to have deep understanding of all in-memory databases.

The Key Skills That a Computer Operator Will Need

With the development in technology, there is a growing demand for computer operators. Most of the times, computer operators monitor the computer hardware and ensure that the data gets processed accurately.

There are many options for computer operator jobs opportunity available for a tech enthusiast. This kind of jobs will open up a way to secure positions in the software engineering and computer programming field.

In this article, we have enlisted few key skills required for a computer operator.

  • Reading Comprehension: Yes, you heard it right. Reading comprehension is one of the key skills required for a computer operator as he needs to analyse the given data (comprehend it) properly.
  • Troubleshooting: A computer operator is expected to identify the operation errors and fix them with his knowledge.
  • Proper Decision Making: A computer operator must consider the relative and opportunity costs and make a wise decision according to it.
  • Operations Control: A computer operator must be skilful in systems or equipment operations.
  • Effective Writing: A computer operator needs to have effective writing skills as per the needs of the audience.
  • Self-Monitoring: Monitoring his/her own mistakes would help the computer operator to grow in the career and it also helps to take corrective action in an organization.

  • Active Listener: He must be an active listener so that he can analyse what is spoken by the others and react accordingly or ask appropriate questions to make the information clearer for him.
  • Critical Thinking: This is another major skill required for a computer operator. Critical thinking would help to analyse the pros and cons of alternative solutions, conclusions and approach when a specific problem comes up.
  • Time Management: Needless to mention, one must know how to manage their time efficiently irrespective of their profession. The same applies to computer operators too.
  • Effective Speaking: A computer operator must engage with the person he is communicating with. Moreover, the information being shared by him or her must be crisp and clear to avoid any confusion regarding the problem.

We hope the points mentioned above helped you to analyse the key skills required for a computer operator. Work accordingly and gra

Five Tips for Selecting the Best Automated Testing Tool for your Project

A series of software tools have emerged lately to validate output against certain test conditions. It is one of the best methods to execute repetitive test cases using software that controls the test implementation.SAP automated testing is a method of getting rid of repetitive manual tests and this systematic program works far better than other tools. When you work on a project for a year or so, you will get an idea about automation testing and why you need them badly.

It is easy for one to find out the ins and outs of any project, working throughout a year. The success of this method largely relies on selection of the right tool and it does take a long time to determine the relevant tool; it should benefit your project in long run.  The selection of automated tool can be a challenging task as you’ll not only have to manage your testing needs, but also the cost restrictions. You need to define your requirement, shortlist some tools and software, and much more. The following tips can help you in selecting the best automated testing tool for your project.


The selected tool should support your operating system; it should be compatible not only with as many OS as possible, but also the latest versions. You need to ensure that the testing tool supports the test cases, such as distributed testing, functional testing, unit testing, load testing, regression testing, and so on. It should support distributed or load testing and hence, it can be executed properly with add-ons or separate products. The quality of the technical support a tool provides must be checked as well.

Record and Run Playback

This criterion should be checked without fail; the testing software should be easy to understand and use and should allow you to create test cases quickly and efficiently, though you come under the category of non-tech team. The automated testing tool should have visual interfaces, which can assist even an inexperienced tester to get used to it. When selecting the tool, ensure that it can record and play back your actions on tested item.

Automated Test Scripting

Many automated tools offer scripting abilities that help to perform operations, which can’t be done with regular or normal features. The scripting option helps to implement specific applications and offers more effective functionalities. Using scripting languages like Jscript and VBScript can decrease the time to get familiar with the products.

Extra Features

Select a tool, which you can launch automatically, after the application build is over at a certain time. You can also consider other options, such as additional libraries (call routines in Java, call Win32 API functions, and call OS commands). Check whether it can be used with build programs, as few testing tools can be used this way. Consider even the pricing factor, including support fee, price of add-ons, product price, and upgrade charges.

Test Result

Check out all test resulting options, such as comparing test results, logging, and export test results. The log must contain different types of informative messages, like warnings, errors, etc. Hence, you can easily discover why the test failed and what went wrong. Another important thing that you need to consider is the availability of a trail version, so that you can use it before buying.

In short, when choosing automated testing tool, ensure that your company considers the cost and benefits and select the one having good customer and technical support.

Career Information for Behind the Scene Medical Jobs

Medical Assistants

There are a few different kinds of medical assistants, including administrative and clinical medical assistants, and some have more direct contact with patients than others. Administrative medical assistants tend to be the ones with more behind the scene job duties. They are responsible for answering the phones, filling out insurance forms, helping code different kinds of medical information and scheduling appointments for patients. All medical assistants work with patients’ personal information and must keep this information confidential. Many medical assistants pursue formal education through a certificate program in the field, but may have a high school diploma and receive on-the-job training.

Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists specialize in interpreting, editing, reviewing and converting to written form all kinds of medical voice recordings and documents. They need excellent understanding of medical terminology and editing skills to perform their job. To ensure accuracy, they identify any inconsistencies, missing information or mistakes and submit the forms for final approval. They may also be responsible for updating reports into electronic health records (EHR) systems. Though most patients may not know this job exists, the work is very important in maintaining accurate medical records and documentation. Medical transcriptionists need a postsecondary education, typically in the form of a 1-year certificate program or associate’s degree program.

Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians

Medical and clinical laboratory technicians generally work in a laboratory setting, away from patients, under the guidance of medical laboratory technologists or laboratory managers. They perform some of the more routine, less complex tests and lab procedures on samples of body fluids, tissues and more. They need to take detailed notes and update patient information, as well as inform physicians of their findings. These professionals are trained to use a variety of automated equipment and computerized instruments in the lab. These technicians need an associate’s degree or a postsecondary certificate and, depending on the state, may need a license.


Orderlies perform many of the behind-the-scene duties that keep a hospital, nursing home or medical facility clean and running smoothly. This includes sterilizing equipment, stocking all kinds of supplies, changing linens and cleaning facilities. Some orderlies may also help patients maneuver around the facility as needed. They usually hold a high school diploma.

Medical Appliance Technicians

Medical appliance technicians work closely with doctors to design and construct patient-specific medical supportive devices. Depending on their area of expertise, such as orthotics or prosthetics, they may help make things like leg braces, arch supports, replacement limbs and more. They are often skilled in working with a range of materials, including metal and plastic. They may also assist in the fitting of their product to the patient. Most medical appliance technicians have a high school diploma.


An epidemiologist is another position that many people may not be aware of, but without it the general public could be in trouble, as they work to monitor causes of disease and injuries. They also try to reduce the risk of various health hazards through education and policy. Epidemiologists conduct extensive research using surveys and blood or fluid samples to investigate health issues. There are many areas of specialization for these professionals, including chronic diseases, environmental health, infectious diseases, injury and more. Epidemiologists need at least a master’s degree, and many hold a master’s in public health (MPH) or doctorate.

What Are the Skills That You Obtain during a CNA Certification Course?

We all very well know the importance of the role of certified nursing assistants in healthcare facilities. And especially, in the current medical scenario where the healthcare standards are rising, the need for CNAs have grown up substantially. Many people misinterpret this profession. People think that CNAs do not possess specific skill sets related to medical field. However, it’s a myth.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

Not everyone can be qualified to be a certified nursing assistant. There is a particular training course and certification program for being a certified CNA. Only if a candidate successfully accomplishes the course and passes out the tests, he/she will be eligible for CNA certificate. So, never underrate the abilities of CNAs. Job opportunities are immense for CNAs. People with aging difficulties or critical ailments need the assistance of CNAs to take care of themselves.  Opportunities for this profession exist in many areas starting from healthcare facilities and hospitals to old age homes, rehabs, and private homes.

Who Offers CNA Certification?

There are many good training institutes and schools like that offer CNA certification programs. Here, they train candidates to acquire skills related to patient care, basic medications, and even critical condition handling. Along with basic theoretical knowledge, candidates are also given practical training and live case handling experience. Mostly, the curriculum is designed for 70 to 100 hours of classes. But again, it depends on the institute, and their methodology.

What Does the Course Include?

The whole course is divided into theoretical and practical modules. In the theoretical teachings, trainers educate about legal terms associated with the job profile, the rights of the CNAs, and their responsibilities towards patients. Knowledge about different types of diseases, their names, symptoms, and medications are imparted to the students. This learning will happen on a daily basis.

On the other hand, the practical aspects of the course would include training on important procedures, situation analysis and handling, and how to practically take care of the patients in all ways. For instance, candidates will learn how to carefully help the patients in taking turns on the bed, assisting them in walking, helping them in using urinary bag and catheter.

To help patients, CNAs must first know how to use things and take care of sufferers in critical conditions. Candidates learn to use basic medical equipment, taking blood pressure, collecting samples, injections, and many more general medical procedures.

The Responsibility

Apart from practical and theoretical knowledge, something even more important that CNA students learn is moral responsibility. They are taught to take care of patients with intense care and sympathy, like how they would do for any of their family members or friends. Patients often become restless and impatient during treatment; CNAs need to empathize with the patients and control them when they lose out their temper.

All these skills cannot be acquired without proper training. One has to enroll himself/herself in an institute for learning these skills. CNA is a great career opportunity for someone who is interested in medical field. With experience and numerous patient handling, one can excel a lot in this line.

Study At The SRM University

Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University (popularly known as SRM University) is a co-educational privately held university in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. It was founded in 1985 under the University of Madras and now has four campuses in Tamil Nadu itself at Kattankulathur, Ramapuram, Vadapalani and Tiruchirapalli. It also has another branch in Modi Nagar, which is a town near New Delhi. The university has evolved over the years gaining ‘deemed’ status in 2004. It was named a University in 2006 when it attained a full-fledged university status under the University Act of UGC.

The main campus of SRM University is the Kattankulathur campus located in Chennai, which is a massive 250 acre site overlooking the Grand Southern Trunk Road. The campus is home to three institutes, namely College of Engineering & Technology, College of Science and Humanities and College of Medicine and Health Sciences. The SRM hospital is also located here, which is again full with latest facilities and offerings. It is 1200 bed hospital with more than 25 specializations in PG. The university has a lot of resident professors, known for their achievements. They are always present to help out the students in whatever way they can.

The SRM University also has programs that offer international exposure to students.  One of the programs is designed in such a way that students can spend their final year of studies abroad and get a degree from the foreign university. This gives a dual benefit of studying in India and abroad, while being able to be light on the pocket. Universities like Carnegie Mellon and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are a part of this program that enable students to undertake world-class education. The list is growing and the university is able to attract the best universities of the world for this program. Another program they have is a twinning program where a student spends half of his/her studies in foreign universities. This is available for engineering as well as medical students. For the needy students, the university offers various scholarships under several funds. It also runs a fee-waiver scheme, which is offered purely on need and merit basis.

The campus is abuzz with several clubs and activities happening all around the year. Students with similar interests have formed several clubs and organize activities in their respective institutes. Some of the events are university wide and students from any institute can participate. The college life is great at the SRM University and the campuses are world-class. The university has also been able to attract foreign students, which add to the diversity of student profiles. Located in the city of Chennai, the engineering campus is able to attract recruiters from the city as well as from India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore.

Overall, the SRM University has grown rapidly and gained reputation. It has become the choice of many students not only in South, but also the whole of India. In the coming years, SRM University is expected to take education to next level by offering various innovative teaching methodologies.

GITAM University Of Andhra Pradesh

The Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, better known as GITAM University, is a management and technical education related university in India. It was established in 1980 and was conferred the status of deemed university in 2007. The notable achievement is that it was the first private engineering institution to receive the university status. It is also on its path to acquire the ABET Internationals Accreditation. The university has grown over the years and now boasts of three stunning campuses- one is located at Visakhapatnam, which spreads over 100 acres, and the other two campuses are located in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The university caters to all types of students, offering over 109 programs at PG, UG and Doctoral level in the fields of Science, Management, International Business, Pharmacy, Technology, Architecture and Law. Talking about the campus, GITAM has over 100-acre campus at Rushikonda, which has good eateries and other food services. There are good sporting facilities for tennis and badminton as the courts are built indoors. The campus also has a 24X7 health center, offering all types of basic medical facilities. Ambulances are always ready for any emergency and there is 24X7 power backup available for students and faculty members. The boys and girls hostels have more than 2000 beds each. The hostels are well built up with basic amenities in house. There is a healthy interaction between students on various occasions, including academic ones.

The admissions at the GITAM University are done through the GAT exam (GITAM Admission Test), which is a university specific exam, conducted in the major cities of the country. It is considered among the most competitive exams in the Southern part of our country. Based on the scores achieved by the candidates in the GAT exam, ranks are awarded and then the students are called on the basis of their ranks for counseling program when they are asked to exercise their choice of study. Since the seats in every domain are limited, they are filled up on the basis of ranks achieved in the GAT exam. This ensures a fair distribution and the university specific exam enables the university to design its own paper. GITAM also holds other exams like GLAW and GSAT for School of Law and School of Science respectively.

Lately, the GITAM University has come up in the university rankings. It was ranked 22 in the Outlook magazine in 2007 and ranked 22 again by The Week in 2009. It was ranked a good 8th position by the EFY magazine recently in 2010. As far as the corporate connect is concerned, the university was recognized by IBM in ‘The Great Mind Challenge’. Another achievement was when the university was nominated for PCQuest – Best IT Implementations. The university has been doing well on this front and is expected to rise up even higher in rankings in the coming years.

It has become one of the most sought out universities down south and is continuing to attract students from all over the country.

6 Reasons Why Online Nursing Classes Are the Way to Go

Online teaching courses are the best way to get higher education for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time out of their house due to various other responsibilities on their shoulders.

Most of the reputed universities provide online correspondence teaching classes programs with variety of courses to choose from. These online courses have become quite popular now and more and more students are flocking to enroll in such courses. Nursing courses are one of those, which attract thousands of candidates every year, who try to learn and obtain certificates online.

The advantages of online nursing classes are many, but the major ones are listed below –

  1. Convenience: The most important aspect of taking up a course online is that they can be taken at one’s convenience without any timing restrictions as such. One need not flock to training center at odd times when enrolled in an online course. One may study according to his or her convenience. There are certain components, which are mandatorily required to be undergone in a proper facility and this can be done offline. Even exams and assessments can be done and uploaded online for evaluation. The instructor does the evaluation and the result is posted to the students.
  1. Find Good Instructors: Many people undergo online nursing classes at one time since all students avail the training facility together using their own computers and there is no limitation in terms of capacity. Hence, you may often find very good instructors for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) taking online course. This is because one instructor can teach hundreds of students at once when using the online mode of teaching, while the conventional courses are usually limited to a batch of 50-60 candidates.
  1. Diversity of Students: In online courses, students from all across the world enroll to the program. There are people from different backgrounds with a different perspective of everything. It is advantageous to be a part of such a group as the learning experience can be quite thrilling.
  1. Cost Advantage: Online courses can be taken at home using a computer. The cost involved in setting up an online class infrastructure is one-time. After this, the infrastructure can be used by any number of people without too much of added cost. This is advantageous for users who can avail good online nursing facility at a reasonable price. If you look at the cost involved in an offline course, it appears to be very high. There are a lot of physical resources, which are required to facilitate such trainings.
  1. Study from Home: Another advantage is that one can study from home. You need not travel to some other place; you enjoy the luxury of studying at home. Even exams can be taken online and emailed for evaluation.
  1. Study at Your Pace: Online classes offer the flexibility to study at one’s own pace. You will not come under any kind of peer pressure and study at a pace that you are comfortable with. The pressure from competition is minimal and in a way motivates students to perform better and set their own standards.

As seen above, the advantages of pursuing nursing classes online are many. Online courses have evolved over the years and have become the new rage. It may be difficult to zero down on one training provider, but when you’re done with decision-making, then the whole training process can be very smooth.

How a CNA Certificate Can Help You Kick-Start Your Career?

For someone who wants to pursue a career in healthcare field, CNA training could be a great entry point. There is a huge demand for the Certified Nursing Assistants in the medical industry, which will most likely continue to only grow in near future. A person with CNA certification is likely to find a job anytime and anywhere.

Role of CNAs

Out of all other healthcare opportunities, CNA is supposed to be one of the top 5. Any medical team always needs the help of a certified nursing assistant in all their operations and diagnosis. A CNA knows how to provide basic care to the patients. The initial detection of anything going wrong with the patient is the job of a certified nursing assistant. This means, the role of CNA is very vital during the treatment of patients. It is definitely an exciting job role that requires taking high level of responsibility.

Job Opportunities

A person with CNA certificate has various job options like applying in hospitals, day care centers, and even private homes. They share the work load of nurses, which make their job easy and more importantly effective. The routine tasks are taken over by the CNAs, and nurses focus on medical administration, treatments, and other specific prescription for the patient. This ensures that the patients are receiving quality health care.

Getting a Nursing Assistant Certification

If you have made up your mind to excel in this career path then look for a good CNA program in your area. Most local colleges provide CNA training because of its growing demand. The training duration differs from program to program, and college to college. It’s better to enroll yourself at the earliest, as the registration usually gets filled up very fast. You might as well check with the healthcare facilities. Some of them even provide CNA courses. You can get on-the-job training as well if you go through a local hospital or nursing home.

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain eligibility criteria that you must meet for joining a CNA course. The requirements for getting eligible for the program depend on the state where you want to pursue. Some states even declare age bracket for being qualified. A general entrance exam that includes comprehension and reading test is organized by almost all training institutes. Communication skills play an important role in this job profile.

Passing the Exam and Getting Certified!

After you are done with your CNA classes, you have to sit for a final exam; once you clear this you can get your CNA certificate. These exams are conducted in two parts. First will be a written test to examine your patient care knowledge and critical thinking ability. The second part constitutes of skill assessment test, which is like a practical exam. You will be asked to perform some job related tasks in front of the examiner. The second test holds a lot of weight in evaluating the candidate.

Beginning your career with a CNA profile is an excellent option. If you are interested in healthcare field, then don’t think twice; the pay is great and you can truly excel in this field.